About Us

At Levena Biopharma, we merge complex synthetic chemistry with antibody research, advancing our clients’ antibody-drug-conjugate (ADC) projects from discovery to IND.  Our ADC platform, comprised of the latest technologies and comprehensive services, encompasses:

  • Bioactive linkers and toxins for R&D
  • cGMP-grade toxins
  • Optimized linker-toxin combinations
  • ADC conjugation services
  • ADC screening tools
  • ADC optimization & processing

For a comprehensive portfolio of our products and services, please see Levena Portfolio


In December 2015, Concortis Biosystems announced the integration of its product and service business into Levena Biopharma to create a unique ADC service company solely devoted to providing the antibody community with ADC tools and services from the drawing board through phase I/II clinical trials.

Concortis Biosystems’ profound expertise in the chemistry of payloads and linkers, combined with highly skilled conjugation services, has made it the provider of choice for customized ADC products. Levena Biopharma specializes in the scale up and production of high quality toxins and linker-toxins.

Following the integration, Levena Biopharma will offer a comprehensive portfolio of products and ADC services to fast-track the research and development of our clients’ ADC projects.  For more information, please inquire at info@levenabiopharma.com.



Levena Biopharma is the proud senior partner of the 7th ADC World Summit held in San Diego from Oct. 10 to Oct. 13, 2016.

Levena Biopharma attended the PEGS Boston April 25-29, 2016.  

Levena Biopharma presented an exhibition stand at the World ADC Berlin on February 8-10, 2016.


To schedule an individual consultation at any conference, please contact Dr. Alexander Chucholowski, COO at alexanderc@levenabiopharma.com.