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The ADC Specialty Company

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ADC Linkers

Levena Biopharma’s linkers embody a wide range of structures and functionalities, designed for the conjugation of a broad spectrum of antibodies and toxins. More importantly, our linkers allow the conjugation process to be performed in a precise and controlled fashion, easing the batch-to-batch product manufacturing and quality control. We use conventional chemistries to provide customized design and synthesis of linkers to support your drug development.

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ADC Payloads

Levena Biopharma offers a comprehensive assortment of tubulin inhibitors and DNA-alkylating agents that are proven and used commercially as payloads. These toxins listed below are available in purity that is suitable for use as an API; we also can provide cGMP production of 100 gram quantities. Levena Biopharma in addition has a portfolio of proprietary toxins available for testing and licensing upon request. 

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Safe & Easy Toxin (SET™)

Levena Biopharma offers Safe & Easy Toxin (SET™), an intuitive research tool for rapid antibody-drug conjugation experiments. SET™s ready to use to validated linker-toxins in small, pre-packaged vials equipped with septum. Each SET™ vial contains approximately 200nmol of linker-toxin, sufficient to conjugate up to 5mg antibody with a drug-to-antibody ratio (DAR) of 3-4. No weighing or aliquoting of the linker-toxin is necessary. Simply follow the dissolution protocol provided with the product and the SET™ is ready to use. The SET™ format is easy to use and, at the same time, minimizes the exposure of the lab space to hazardous toxins. Currently, SET™s are available for the following categories:

     ❖ Amine Reactive SET™
     ❖ Thiol Reactive SET™
     ❖ Click Reactive SET™
     ❖ Sortase Reactive SET™

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ADC Screening Kits

Levena Biopharma offers screening services to study the in vitro activity of the ADCs. We maintain a library of over 100 cancer cell lines to evaluate potency and therapeutic potential of our clients’ ADCs. We also offer flexible arrangements for screening ADCs on these cell lines.

Levena Biopharma possesses a collection of popular ADCs such as T-DM1, brentuximab vedotin, VEGR- ADC, etc. to gauge clients’ biosimilars against benchmark ADCs.

Levena Biopharma has developed pre-screening kits using Protein A and Protein G, PSKA™ and PSKG™, that can expedite the identification of antibodies suitable for ADC candidates. With these kits, primary antibodies can be screened without individual conjugation to cytotoxic agents. We offer PSKs with widely-used industry standard toxins such as MMAE, MMAF, DM1, and duocarmycin.

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Anti-payload Antibodies

Levena Biopharma offers a set antibodies against a variety of payloads. Currently, the following anti-payload monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies with specificity against different categories of cytotoxic drugs are available.  These products are for research purposes only, not for use in diagnostics.

  •       MMAE/MMAF
  •       DM1/DM4
  •       Calicheamicin
  •       Duocarmycin
  •       PNU
  •       Amanitin
  •       PBD